I trained as Integrative Arts Psychotherapist at the Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education in London and I hold MA in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy, and an  Advanced Diploma in the Therapeutic Application of the Arts.


I have experience of working therapeutically in the NHS mental health services (acute mental health ward at CNWL NHS trust) and  in the community based counselling services.

I currently work in a specialised  trauma service for survivors of sexual abuse in north London and in private practice in south London.

I am Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered Arts Psychotherapist and a registered accredited member of British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).


I am also trained CATT level 2 practitioner - this is a short  post traumatic stress focused treatment for single event trauma.

I speak English and Czech/Slovakian.

I originally studied Ethnology and History of Art and before I trained as psychotherapist I have worked for many years in different charities in the museum/gallery/heritage sector organising creative engagement and learning programmes for community groups.  I still work in this field. I love connecting people with the arts and working with people of diverse backgrounds and life experiences.

my training and approach

My approach tends to develop around the client and his/her specific needs. Each person is different and deserves to be fully met and respected in their diversity. I always try to create a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment where the client feels listened to and able to bring whatever she/he wishes to address. Together we find a way how to best work in the therapeutic partnership.

 I value the different ways people experience the world (visual, kinesthetic and auditory), and integrate the use of creative media into my practice. I believe that using the arts alongside talking therapy can reveal a shortcut to the inner world and give the unspoken a voice.

I often invite clients to use different art media - drawing/painting/mixed media, sand tray, postcards, clay, movement, and sound. This is always an open invitation, not a requirement and no previous experience of the arts is necessary just curiosity to experiment and discover new layers of oneself.

I strongly believe in the client’s ownership of the therapy. I believe the client has the answers to her/his questions and problems and I provide a facilitative environment and a reflective space so he/she can discover them more easily. Creating a trusting and supportive relationship is the key to this process to take place.

I particularly find attachment theory informative for the way I work with its emphasis on providing a containing relational experience in therapy from which it is possible to reflect on the past and present relationship patterns. I also find resonance with the Gestalt psychotherapy approach emphasizing the continuous creative process in therapy and the importance of dialogue in the 'here and now'.

confidentiality & data protection

All my work is strictly confidential and private and follows the ethical guidelines provided by HCPC and BACP.

I will not share any information from the sessions with your employer or family. Initial inquiries are also treated as fully confidential.

I am registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) and I abide by the General Data Protection Regulation.

I have a Privacy Statement which informs you about what personal data I collect and how I process it securely and according to your rights.  


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